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Toddler 1 Classroom

1 to 2 Years

The toddler 1 room is licensed for 10 children ages 1 to 2 years. Children must be walking independently to transition to this room. There are big changes in the toddler room. The children move from sleeping in a crib to napping on a cot. They also sit at the table and not in high chairs for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. The toddler room has an indoor climbing structure and lots of open area to move around. The toddler 1 room shares a large playground with the toddler 2 room. The playground has swings, climbing structures with slides, and a sandbox. Children generally transition to toddler 2 at 20 months.

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Toddler 2 Classroom

1 to 2 Years

Toddler 2 is a fun change for our little friends.  In this room the children work more on social emotional skills, following 2 step directions, and playing with others.  They will begin learning shapes, colors, and fine motor skills.  They are introduced to a lot of different materials to explore and learn.  If your child is ready to start potty training we will assist with that new skill.  The children will move to early preschool around 2 ½ years.

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